Patriot RAP I

A Firefighter Removal Device

A RAPID Intervention Rescue Device: The RITE RescueSystem was originally designed by firefighters to remove unconscious victims from below grade or from tight spaces. The system weighs less than 6 lbs and has a NFPA 1983 rated full body harness. Easy to deploy and reset in seconds, the system can be used to drag, carry, lift or lower a victim during RIT removal. Oversized rings and snaps allow quick closure even when wearing bulky fire fighting gloves. The system is designed so that air supplies do not need to be removed when transporting First Responders. When the sled is not in use, it can be rolled up and stored.

Knowing at the time there was no specifically designed peaceful equipment to remove an unconscious firefighter, the trio equally collaborated and creating the patriot wrap from RITE Rescue. It's patented features include a stowed away harness system attached to a patented semi rigid base.

Includes The Following:

  • Patriot RAP I Device
  • Harness & Bag
  • Patriot I Base (Smallest)
  • Carry Sleeve
  • Carry Bag
  • Bridle System


- Product Line Card

- Extraction Rap Instructions

- Re-Setting The Extraction Rap



Features And Benefits:

The RAP (remove & protect) was designed to remove an unconscious Firefighter….Key features of the RAP make it the most effective tool for any RIT team across the nation. Nothing on the market has the capabilities for this type of operation. The Light weight device allows for mobility while locating the victim.  Ready for use when deployed. The base is made of a specialty material and rolls open when released. Positioning is made easy with the color coordination RED for the head White for the waist  Blue for the bottom. Large “T” handles are designed to be found with a gloved hand and pulled from the keeper. Rated snap hooks & D-ring are the hardware components used to create the harness systems. It takes less the 30 seconds to apply a Class III harness in an IDLH when using the Patriot RAP. The The webbing is made up of type VII mil spec Mil-W-4088. The Patriot RAP has been tested by the UL to the NFPA standards 1983/2012 edition passed and exceeded testing criteria. The base platform is also removable, this add's longevity to the device. When the base wears through just put a new base on. On the top of the RAP there are 2 drag handles and a Yellow-hoist connection point. The RAP can be Dragged - Carried or Hosted to safety. 

Instructions: How to apply

  1. Line RAP up with head of victim. 
  2. Pull carry sleeve tab and the RAP will roll out
  3. Place victim face UP on RAP
  4. Remove D-ring 
  5. Pull Waist T handle & snap hook fron side and connect snap hook to D-ring
  6. Pull Bottom T handle and connect to center D-ring
  7. Pull Head T handle and connect to center D-ring
  8. Drag or hoist to safety 

    The simplicity of this device will accomplish many objectives on the fire ground. First and foremost the speed of removing a downed firefighter will be decreased drastically by minutes. This limiting the time exposed to the IDLH and fire conditions. The only time we control as a RIT team, is the time it takes for the removal of the firefighter from the IDLH!!!

    Next aspect is giving the RIT team  an option for removal. There are almost no practical devices for this type of operation. Until now. Very commonly the downed firefighter is almost striped of his gear by the time he is out. The packaging of him in the RAP keeps everything tucked in and reduces his profile for maneuvering around obstacles. And lastly the time it takes to learn how to use the system. The learning curve  for the RAP is limited. In a 5 minute session you will have a complete understanding and capability on how to use the RAP. This will help the officers create a more powerful RIT team when called to do the unthinkable.  


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