What Makes The RAP so Good?
There is nothing on the market today like it.

Why was it developed?
The need to package a firefighter for removal securely and effectively. 

Weight of litter?
Total weight of Patriot RAP I is 6 pounds.

What is the harness made out of?
The harness is designed with typeVII mil spec webbing and the hardware is parachute rated snap hooks & D-ring. 

What is the learning curve on uses?
This device can be learned  how to use in 5 minutes.  Simplicity is the key!

How do you place a downed firefighter in the RAP?
You can place the victim face up or face down in RAP.

Do you need to remove his SCBA?
No, he can be secured & transported in the litter with his SCBA sill on.

Do you need to complete all straps?
You do not need to connect all straps it is recommended you complete the class III harness for all operations. 

Why does the base have little to no memory?
We completed  enormous research to determine we needed to create our on material for our base. The base is manufactured with highly engineered proprietary specified material to meet the rigors and demand of the product.

Is the base part of the harness?
The base holds NO structural component of the harness system, although it is the form fitting rigidity aspect.

What is the expected life of the base?
The base can crack or break due to the martial mixture used to create a non memory. It is easily replaced and inexpensive. The base is easily replaced due to potential material damage in usage. The base should be inspected on a xxx basis for any visible signs of damage or breakage.

How can we purchase a Patriot I RAP?
You can buy it from our online store or call us directly at 1.631.321.7483

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